Monday, February 11, 2013

Danny the anti blogger has made a request - UPDATE

 I still can't figure out why the ice is so much better here, Hawaiian Ice gotta love it!
 These 2 were in heaven, literally couldn't get enough of the diggin.

 Our favorite spot! Lahiani's YUM
 Nash, Wynter, Madi, Halle, Ben & Jake, quite a handful but lots of fun
 Waiting to eat the most delicious pancakes ever at The Gazebo
 I had to post this, the joys of trying to get in a pic, set the timer and the wind comes up!

 Hiking up to a water fall, Danny and I were the only ones who actually went for a swim, I guess were use to that freezing cold Bear Lake water
 All the grandkids busy at play
 Pretty grateful for these guys! Thanks for the invite!
Scuba diving- i'm not the best scuba diver and literally had a panic attack before going down but I did it and it was amazing

Saturday, July 28, 2012

A much needed update!

 All 5 of us Luscious Logan Ladies had babies within 6 months of each other
 Jake's the big pimp with Ruby, Harper, Addyson and Stella
 We've had lots of fun park days
 Finally some boating and I could actually water ski!
 If Ben could do anything he would mow the lawn with his dad all day. He asks me every morning when he wakes up if it's Friday (usually lawn mowing day)
 Celebrating our 6th anniversary in San Fransisco! We rode bikes across the Golden Gate Bridge
 checking out Alcatraz
 Enjoying the amazing San Fran weather and beautiful ball park 
 I couldn't help myself in Chinatown panda stuff everywhere!!!

 Glad to be home with these little guys! Watching fireworks at the Petersen's
 Uncle Josh got a new remote control boat and it was like Christmas for these boys
 Enjoying a little Cruise in with cousins
 This kid is always smiling. He seriously is the best child ever, I'm not really sure how I can have another one after him
 Logan Canyon
 24th of July breakfast up Mueller Park Canyon

 Enjoying/sweating to death at Wheeler Farm
 My cute boys after church in there patriotic ties
 The pool broke at Bear Lake, doesn't stop us, we make our own fun!
 Looks like trouble
 Happy Olympics! The best thing ever in my books!

Jakey 10 months old today! Busy and happy as ever

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Happy Valentine's Day

Happy Valentines!!! 7 moms, 5 toddlers and 6 babies makes for quite a party!!!
Decorating sugar cookies- wouldn't be Valentines without some sugar cookies
Some of the cute babies- Ruby, Harper and Avery -man Jake is going to be a pimp
I did my best to attempt some of the cute things I see on pintrest. We even had heart shaped mini pizza's and red jello (a bad idea for 5 small 2-3 year olds)

Hayley was testing out what it would be like to have twins! They are about 3 weeks apart

-It was a fun Valentines Day- even though Danny was out of town, I'm grateful for all my friends and family that indulged me in my fun crafty day! Also Danny surprised me with a trip to San Fransisco for V-Day, we get to go over our anniversary in June