Monday, February 11, 2013

Danny the anti blogger has made a request - UPDATE

 I still can't figure out why the ice is so much better here, Hawaiian Ice gotta love it!
 These 2 were in heaven, literally couldn't get enough of the diggin.

 Our favorite spot! Lahiani's YUM
 Nash, Wynter, Madi, Halle, Ben & Jake, quite a handful but lots of fun
 Waiting to eat the most delicious pancakes ever at The Gazebo
 I had to post this, the joys of trying to get in a pic, set the timer and the wind comes up!

 Hiking up to a water fall, Danny and I were the only ones who actually went for a swim, I guess were use to that freezing cold Bear Lake water
 All the grandkids busy at play
 Pretty grateful for these guys! Thanks for the invite!
Scuba diving- i'm not the best scuba diver and literally had a panic attack before going down but I did it and it was amazing


Nikki Browning said...

It looks like heaven! I'm so glad you got to go!

Ashley Wood said...

SO fun!! And P.S. you look great in a bikini!!!!